This world is nothing but a long dream, take it granted. - Shri Ranjit Maharaj

Complete surrender

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Posted on:  Jun 22, 2013. 05:43:22 AM

"Atma nivedhanam" - Maharaj has always emphasised on the final form of Bhakti to be practised by all the devotees in their path to self realisation. Total surrender can happen only with complete trust and devotion. Trust is a form of blind faith without any expectations, only relying on the Master , the Sadhguru...without any doubts whatsoever..
Complete Understanding can lead to Total surrender - when nothing is true, all is only Brahman and nothing else , Total surrender happens. Thought  must move in a way to completely ignore all thoughts and final thought also go off and surrender happens. After which it doesnt matter whether anything does happen or not. I gets transformed into " All" and no "I" remains only "HE" remains.
Only when complete surrender happens that a seeker transforms into a Realised one. No change happens - the concept of change itself does not remain and only HE remains. Understanding itself gets surrendered and nothing remains for him - all that remains is a mass of pure existence,knowledge and bliss without any ego...