This world is nothing but a long dream, take it granted. - Shri Ranjit Maharaj

Tribute to Maharaj

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Posted on:  Sep 24, 2017. 02:43:32 AM

I prostate my body, mind at the Lotus Feet of Sri Ranjit Maharaj, Jai Guru Jai

When a ignorant person with Great Grace from countless life’s of practice of Dharma; Is fortunate to meet,  receive teachings and blessings at the feet of a Master of SadGuru Ranjit Maharaj’s Greatness, The Gratitude towards such a Guru is immensely unfathomable.

To uphold the depths of the understanding at the Heart of Maharaj’s teaching for an untrained western disciple that wasn’t well informed in the ancient traditions of Vedanta is a journey that doesn’t happen overnight.

When I left Maharaj, I was impacted, exposed to the very essence, that Maharaj named HE. But my understanding of the structure of Vedanta the Science of Self Knowledge was severely lacking.

One time i asked Maharaj, “What did you do after your Master left his body”?

Maharaj said “understanding Him (his Master) only” Those words kept my intellect pondering over Maharaj’s words, mining the inner meaning of what the words were implying for 20 years. 

The one word that I was obsessed with was ParaBrahman! I searched out all that i could find through many sources. I would contact other so called proclaimed realised teachers to ask them, via emails! This proved to be a futile endeavour. Because these teachers just wouldn’t fathom the subtle difference between the popular concept called Awareness, Consciousness and Maharaj’s use of the word ParaBrahman, HE!

I didn’t stop my enquiry, I was driven to uncover and reach a final understanding with the precious knowledge Maharaj so freely gave out.

So i continued to look through Vedantic texts, studying Das Bohd etc. 

I did finally come across a Western Vedantic teacher who was taught classic Vedanta by Swami Chinmayanda. He was teaching Vedanta in a English format that was rooted in western culture. This is well suited to a westerner that was conditioned from birth via western culture.

Through exposing  my intellect to understanding the rudiments of Maya, Isvara, Gunas, Elements, Causual, subtle, gross bodies and many other Vedanta principles. The Science of Self Knowledge became very clear. 

All can be embraced as One Self appearing seemingly with many names and forms because of the power that is Maya. But Maya derives it’s power Source from ParaBrahman, which is not a doer of Anything! 

HE doesn’t produce, create or project the seeming apparent names and forms and yet at the same instant while Maya is the producer, HE isn’t seperate from what appears but HE is is Eternally ever free, untouched, unaffected by this seeming apparent reality of Names forms and formless formations! 

This is the Riddle that Maharaj presented in his simple teaching. It’s truly a Maze that one must traverse to uncover the only exit out which as been hidden in plane sight which is I without i, Self without self, That which is I at the Heart of every conscious being and all inert formations "HE".

Again I bow down my Body and Mind in Service to That, the Great Maharaj of All, Gratitude to my Great Master Sri Ranjit Maharaj, to his Master Siddharameshwar Maharaj, The linage that keeps the thread of Vedanta ever available to understand That, which we all are, which  is always been and will be Free of All apparent objects!