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Why spirtuality is important for evryone

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Posted on:  Oct 14, 2017. 04:07:48 PM

Why Spirituality is important for everyone?
Are we satisfied of the mental conditions and attitudes and behavior of our friends and neighbours and those scores of citizens whom we do not know and only hear or read about in the news. Don’t we sometimes wonder that how come our world has come to this state of reckless behavior, lawlessness and blatant crimes being committed against humanity. Education seems not to have any value systems anymore and both the intelligent and the dumb seem to have a one-track mind of making it big – by hook or crook. Where has our world come to – each day depressing news and articles just flare up on our eyes, making us sometimes very upset and at times disgusted with LIFE in general. There seems to be no control over situations and the Rogues and the wealthy misfits seem to have a free run in the current system of administration. The others who could not keep up with the race seem to be committing suicide! Is there any escape or are we to simply accept and pray that we remain sane in this MAD world.
Where has the problem begin? We were taught to be proud of our culture and traditions and our beliefs in TRUTH and HONESTY which was being taught in schools and now all of it seems a cruel joke. There has been some serious misunderstanding of what’s life all about. May be somewhere, someone has made an error of judgement and we are not what we have been taught in schools and colleges and at homes. Our life principally has been taken over by desires and unrealistic aspirations and we have started living a life of un-certainty and have seriously started faulting in our basic principles of life.
Perhaps the mistake has been largely done during our upbringing at our homes, schools and colleges. What was most needed to be understood was never taught seriously enough for us to have imbibed in our attitude and behavior. Some were lucky but some weren’t so. Vedas, Bible, Koran and many spiritual treatise have largely remained hidden and those who do have the knowledge of these are so very few that many generations are out of touch with REAL understanding of the TRUTH explained in these treatises.
Where has life come from – where did it all begin? Where did the GOD come from? If Jesus, Mohammed and Krishna were all mortals – who made them all Gods? How did humans and other living beings came into this world? Why are we born as human and is there any real purpose of life that one must seek? Is there a creator or preserver or destroyer as mentioned in the relics or is it all an imagination? Where can we get answers to all these basic questions which many have seem to conveniently forgotten. Has science been able to answer all these questions? If Science has answered to some extent – why is the humanity going down so very badly? There seems no control over desires and madness seem to be the ruler of the world.
What is mind – where is it located in the body? Why do so many thoughts and feelings keep attacking us and reducing us so to a very disturbed state. We may have achieved excellence in education or career but socially and personally many don’t seem to manage it well. Uncontrolled desires, lack of compassion, greed for power and wealth at any cost, all seem to have taken over on the society as a whole and many are far too stressed these days with many commitments and lack of mental strength to combat it.
What’s the solution? Are we even interested in one? Education in schools and colleges are driving students crazy and they only seem to take away STRESS and HEALTH issues at a very young age when they leave. It is extremely disturbing to see the children of future who are struggling to make ends meet and degradation of nature and habits are doing no good to them at all. What do we need to do as responsible citizens? This sickness can bring the whole country down and the whole world down. This is MENTAL SICKNESS – where one doesn’t know the right behavior and attitude – to have in a society.