This world is nothing but a long dream, take it granted. - Shri Ranjit Maharaj

The Greatness of Maharaj

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Posted on:  Dec 30, 2012. 02:23:46 PM

Jai Sadguru Great Guru Sri Ranjit Maharaj, my body/mind bows to the Supreme Master. He  appeared in a form although HE never was born nor died. It was by sheer luck of good fortune that my mind made contact with A Realised Saint of Maharaj caliber.

Over the many years after  spending time at Maharaj's feet, my mind has pondered over and over what his great kindness pointed to with his  words, althogh words could never express the true meaning of HE. I have also used the mind to understand what is mainly passing off in the western  world as non dual advaita teachings. So many Satsangs so many teachers claiming the non duel truth. What a vast difference in Maharaj understanding,  he gave to those fortunate enough to cross his path.

To put it all in a tiny nut shell, Maharaj was crystal clear that everything is illusion and when mind accepts this via putting zero on all, what remains is Final Reality referred  to as HE.

What is being taught  so often among so many western teachers of non dual teaching, is something boiled down as Awareness is the truth which is formless and from this formless reality come the form which is the expression of the formless. The formula is form is emptiness (formless) and emptiness is form, Both sides of the same coin! In this the main point is, when you remove the false idea that you are a separate i and see clearly that there is no separate i as awareness, then you are awake and all is oneness.  Also added is the very popular idea of evolution of consciousness in this model of non duality.

Anyone that clearly understood Maharaj would know that awareness is part of Knowledge and isn't Final Reality. What to Do!

Why i am sharing this is that i found that over the years by using these popular expressions of western non dual thought as like a devil's advocate, it finally was able to uproot many of the hidden doubts that laid dormant in my mind. Since i was conditioned mentally in the west my mental tendencies had many of these popular ideas.

So the final outcome is to see clearly that what Maharaj distilled as understanding was of a very different calibre, it was final understanding which revealed Final Reality, free of all concepts and connection of form or formless appearances.

                                                         May all be Well, Again my Humble Gratitude to my Master Ranjit Maharaj,