This world is nothing but a long dream, take it granted. - Shri Ranjit Maharaj

Waking Dream 101

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Posted on:  Aug 06, 2013. 12:12:59 AM

To keep sharing the Greatness of my Master, I submit another written expression of the wonder of HE.

In a dream, a witness stumbles along the trail of images that scream look at me. I am all this wonderful display of pleasure of light and sound. Never mind the opposite of pain, just keep seeking the dream of everlasting happiness to be found in the displayed images of existence. That I am this great images of imagination. This powerful Maya is so all consuming in I am and the world i occupy.

If the witness is fortunate to see the promise of happiness through the pursuit of desires that promise paradise. That Turns out to be a fools paradise of a never ending search of satisfaction of desires. The witness looks for a way out of the Maze of the apparent existence of desires. 

The next stage of the dream like existence comes into focus:

Many interesting conceptual teachings called spiritual  truth come into focus. This starts the search within and without looking for the Master Key in the forms of Gurus. If one holds true to the quest the appearance of a SadGuru will appear. The One SadGuru to Rule them all. This One isn't what his form appears to be. 

He destroys  all your cherished dreams that are held conceptually in your Heart. Stripping away all hopes and dreams of a better tomorrow. Always pointing to what is not conceivable  or perceivable, the mind melts away and a vastness realm of space opens to reveal all is Zero.