This world is nothing but a long dream, take it granted. - Shri Ranjit Maharaj

Love is an Illusion as all others

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Posted on:  Mar 29, 2013. 04:39:25 AM

This is to only clarify what Gusiseppe has written earlier..

Love is only a state of mind and as mind is not true - how can love be true. Sri Ranjit Maharaj always used to say " You fall in love - you never rise in love " .Sadguru is not a living Master - he was never born...What we term as Self, Brahman , Sadguru - is all different names given to the same " Parabrahman" - which is beyond mind, always pure, stateless, unimagineable, never born and never dies, limitless, beyond illusion and thoughts..

"I am Brahman and Brahman is all " is the realisation one must try to achieve in this world - so that we are able to go beyond all our thoughts and imaginations which has made this world of illusion. All that we see and percieve are all only imaginations and therefore not true at all. One has to go beyond thoughts so that we are able to realisse the Sadguru in us. Later , " go beyond  the thought  of " I am Brahman" as there is no " I " left - and  all that is left is only Brahman and " That I am" . This is the thoughtless and stateless state of Sadguru.

Living Master is always needed to take one in the right path as its he only who shows the direction as he knows " Brahman". Trying to go on this path alone is not only ardous but one may get disillusioned of the whole concept and understamding. Living Master is only a guide and later helps you to become another living Master. Both Master and disciple are one in teh final state.

Trust this clarifies.. with Maharaj's blessings..